Why You Should Schedule a Heating Inspection Now

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We’re in the middle of summer now, so it might seem silly to wonder how well the heating system is functioning at your company or at home. As you enjoy the sunshine during vacation, arranging for heating service is probably the last thing on your mind.

It’s prudent, though, to arrange for a heating service and inspection call long before winter arrives and it starts raining and snowing in Northern Virginia. Later in the year, when more people are finally discovering that something is wrong with their system, they will be inundating HVAC service firms for heating repair appointments. This will make it harder for homeowners and business managers to schedule a routine inspection and maintenance appointment.

Sometimes people prepare by setting up one inspection per year for their entire heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. That way, they will know their HVAC is ready to provide reliable service during both the winter and summer.

However, company managers and heads of households alike who set up an inspection appointment just for the AC equipment before summer arrives may forget to also have the furnace looked at later in the year. This task is easy to complete when you add it to your calendar and call ahead to book the best time for your heating system’s maintenance and inspection call.

When the technician arrives, he or she will thoroughly inspect the equipment, making tests and cleaning it as needed. Detecting a problem while it is still minor means it will be easier and cheaper to repair or replace a component. Our team keeps standard replacement parts in each service vehicle so we can quickly address most problems without having to order something from the warehouse.

Remember that these calls for inspection, maintenance, and cleaning are the best way to preserve the investment you made in your HVAC system. A clean system runs more efficiently and will naturally have less wear and tear. This means you save more on utility bills while also staying on top of the system’s status. Nipping problems in the bud is clearly cheaper than having to make a major repair or swap out a component the following year.

At AirPlus, our heating installation team is devoted to providing the highest level of customer service. We don’t want you to be disappointed when you call for service and have limited options for an appointment because of the rush. That’s why we recommend that you plan ahead and set up your appointments as early as possible so we can check out the heating system during the summer, well ahead of the approaching cold season. For details on our commercial heating and residential heating inspection programs or to make an appointment, please contact AirPlus today.

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