Bigger is Not Always Better When it Comes to Air Conditioning

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Americans love to super-size things, from restaurant meals to “McMansions” to enormous SUVs. It’s no surprise, then, when homeowners and business owners think that bigger is always better when it comes to their air conditioning. However, nothing could be further from the truth!

If you’ve noticed that your air conditioning system seems to be activating more often than it should under normal weather conditions, that’s one sign that it was improperly sized. Of course, a trained AC repair technician will make the final determination. Then you’ll know if your 2,000-square-foot home needs a 3-ton unit or a 4-ton unit, for example.

Be aware that if you install an AC system that is too big for your home or business, you can expect that the equipment will start and stop more frequently. The unneeded power-on/power-off cycles will lead to higher electric utility bills, which should be reason enough for customers to want to pay attention to AC sizing.

Because the system is operating more often than it really needs to, it will wear out prematurely, prompting you to call for air conditioner repair services. This problem is known as short cycling and may result in expensive repair bills or the need for you to buy a new system long before you really would have needed to otherwise.

On the other hand, if the AC system is too small for your home or place of work, the equipment will not be able to keep up with demand. It may seem like you can never get cool enough after a too-tiny air conditioner installation. You will call for air conditioner service, only to discover that the system installed by the previous owner was inadequate.

Humidity is another concern. If the AC unit is too big, causing it to cool a room down too fast, the temperature will definitely drop but there will not have been enough time to adequately reduce moisture in the air.

No one wants to experience that muggy feeling at work or at home. A correctly sized air conditioner is better at reducing humidity levels so you and your family or employees will feel more comfortable.

The professionals at AirPlus have the training, experience and knowledge to quickly determine how much air conditioning equipment a particular building needs to keep the occupants cool and comfortable without pushing the system or degrading performance. For more information on selecting the proper size for your residential air conditioning or commercial air conditioning equipment, please contact the AC experts at AirPlus today.

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