How Much Do Generators Cost?


In a world where power outages are as unpredictable as they are inconvenient, having a reliable backup generator can be a game-changer for Northern Virginia homeowners. However, the quest for the best home generator comes with its own set of considerations, with one of the most significant being cost. The cost of these systems can fluctuate depending on the type of generator you opt for. In this guide we'll dive into the different types of generators based on your type of home and the costs associated.Best Home Standby Generator for Large Homes

Protector QS Standby Generator

Generac Protector QS Standby Generator




Runs quietly


Very Expensive

The engine in this generator is liquid-cooled. Liquid-cooled engines are a great option for residential settings where you don’t want to disturb your neighbors because they manage temperature better and are often quieter than air-cooled variants. It can power the majority of households because it is a 22-kW type, but due to the wattage and cooling system, it is also rather pricey. If you’re prepared to put in the work, a liquid-cooling system could save your life during a summer power outage even if it could take more maintenance than an air-cooled one.

Generator Costs

Best Generator For Small Homes

Power Protect Standby Generator

Briggs & Stratton Power Protect Standby Generator




More Affordable


Can only power a small home

This little man can’t power a complete house because its output is barely 12,000 watts. On the other hand, a little one can squeeze in the necessities. If you need a power backup for a few needs but cringe at the notion of spending more than $4,000, this generator is a perfect choice. The five-year guarantee, which covers parts, labour, and travel, does mean that it is still an investment, but it does. Additionally, it does automatic weekly power checks at a low RPM to make sure it will function properly without consuming more gasoline than necessary.Best Generator to Monitor from Your Phone

7043 Home Standby Generator

Generac 7043 Home Standby Generator




Can run entire house



This generator ensures that all of your needs are addressed in circumstances where waiting for the electricity to come back on could pose a particular hazard. It has a five-year guarantee and Wi-Fi capabilities, allowing you to always check the generator’s status and giving you piece of mind throughout storm season. Since the Generac 22-kW is made to power your complete home, you will have access to all of your usual comforts while you wait for your regular power to resume. For families with children who are still learning at home or for parents who may not have the luxury of going to work or school when the electricity goes out, this is an especially wise investmentBest Value Home Generator

PowerPact 7,500-Watt (LP), 6,000-Watt (NG) Standby Generator

Generac Powerpact Standby Generator






Not a lot of wattage

Although this generator costs less than $2,000, it is more than capable of keeping your home’s interior at a comfortable temperature and preventing the contents of your refrigerator from deteriorating. It is considerably quieter than a portable generator and can supply electricity to up to eight circuits in your home. It is weatherproof thanks to the sturdy aluminium shell that surrounds it. It also has a three-year warranty in case any problems do occur. The generator also has three detachable sides that enable simple access in the event that repair is necessary.Best Home Portable Backup Generator

GP6500 CoSense Portable Generator

Generac GP6500 Cosense Generator


$899.00 MSRP 


Plenty of starting watts    
Carbon monoxide shutoff


Heaviest on the test

Generac’s GP6500 CoSense, the largest generator we examined, has a sizable starting capacity of 8,125 watts. This indicates that the generator is capable of handling initial loads from large appliances or tools that may be two to three times their running wattage. This type of larger-capacity generator comes in handy when power disruptions occur. The generator can be directly connected to the home’s crucial circuits with a manual transfer switch rather than using extension cords for each appliance. This device might potentially provide electricity to huge RVs with high power requirements and construction sites.

Best Dual Fuel Generator

5,500 Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Champion 5500 Dual Fuel Generator




Runs on gas or propane


No Fuel Guage

With Champion’s 5500 Dual Fuel generator, you can select your fuel or use what is available in an emergency. There are a few advantages to choosing between gasoline and propane, particularly when utilising a generator to provide backup power during or after storms. Contrary to gasoline, propane is extremely stable and won’t clog carburetors or other parts when kept in storage for extended periods of time or throughout storm seasons. Furthermore, you might not experience gasoline shortages after local storms that knock out power grids for days. We found it to be quite easy to swap from gasoline and propane, and the 5500 started just as well on either fuel. The beginning and running wattage will be slightly lower because propane doesn’t have as much energy as gasoline. We tested the 5500 and found that it operates slightly more quietly on propane, with 78.2 decibels under load at 25 feet compared to 81.5 decibels on gas. One thing to keep in mind while using propane: the propane switch on the fuel selection panel turns off both the flow of propane and the generator, as opposed to the main power switch on the panel, which only turns off the unit. By doing this, it is impossible to leave the propane on while the generator is off.

Best Inverter Generator

iQ3500 3500-Watt Inverter Generator

Generac IQ3500 Generator




Metal enclosure


No wheels

The IQ3500’s metal doors and enclosure, along with its two strong handles, give off the impression that it is a robust, well-made device. We were grateful for the push-button electric start’s convenience. We put our 15-amp table saw, two 120-volt loads, and a 10-amp portable air conditioner to the test. The sine wave of the current had symmetrical waves that were constant as the saw was being turned on and off. Although the absence of a gasoline gauge on the tank initially disappointed us, the LCD screen made it simple for us to keep track of performance, fuel level, and run time. A fantastic portable generator for job sites and emergency home backup is the IQ3500.

Best Home Generator for RV Camping

4,650-Watt Dual Fuel Inverter Generator

Champion 4,650-Watt Dual Fuel Generator




Uses gas or propane


Needs adapter to use with a transfer switch

Starting with the option to run on either gas or propane, Champion crammed a lot of value into one product. When we turned on the saw or planer while watching the current, we noticed a symmetrical sine wave. THD remained at 0% even though it briefly spiked to 3.7 when we turned on the saw. This generator has a 30-amp RV-style plug that can power a midsize camper, and although though it lacks a 240-volt outlet, it can be useful in case of a home emergency.

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