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A power outage can be incredibly frustrating for a homeowner. Within a matter of seconds, your well-lit, climate-controlled home is suddenly dark and dismal. With power outages costing Americans $150 billion per year, you instantly become a statistic as your productivity comes to a screeching halt. That's why AirPlus Heating, Cooling & Electrical installd, maintains, and services Home Generators & Commercial Generators in Northern Virginia.  

Our company is proud to represent GENERAC Power Solutions, the leader in innovative standby power systems using the most advanced Power Management Smart technology available today. We also install Cummins Generators. See our blog post Generac vs Cummins or Generac vs Kohler Home Generators to see which generator might best fit your needs. 

Why Invest in a Generator?

Power outages seem to occur at the most inopportune times. Whether the power suddenly goes out in the middle of the night or while you are in the middle of an important work project, you may find yourself feeling powerless while you simply wait for your local electric company to repair your power lines. And depending upon the number of outages in your area, you may find yourself waiting days or even weeks until your power is restored.

Fortunately, you no longer have to feel powerless when a power outage strikes. By investing in a Generac Generator, you will always be prepared for power outages. Whether they occur when you are fast asleep at home or when you are away on an international business trip, Generac generators installed by AirPlus provid a trusted solution to your power outage woes.

How long does a Generac generator last?

"Because Generac engines were developed specifically for generators and designed to provide approximately 3,000 hours of use, with typical usage and proper maintenance an automatic standby generator can provide in excess of 30 years of service." - Generators Plus Co.

Product durability and longevity are top priorities for the Generac manufacturing team. Each generator is designed to provide more than 30 years of service as long as it is properly used and maintained. You can estimate the approximate longevity of a Generac generator by following these simple steps:

  • Step One: Note the weekly exercise time (11 hours per year is a good average)
  • Step Two: Estimate the number of power outages per year including hours lost per outage
  • Step Three: Calculate the total hours of annual operation by adding the total number of hours obtained from Step One and Step Two
  • Step Four: Divide 3,000 by the number you obtained in Step Three

For example, if you estimate that you will have three 24-hour outages per year (72 hours per year), you would add that number to your weekly exercise time (11 hours per year) to arrive at a total annual operation estimate of 83 hours. You would then divide 3,000 by 83 hours to arrive at an estimated lifespan of just over 36 years.

What Types Of Generators Does AirPlus Service?

AirPlus Heating, Cooling & Electrical installs various types of Generac Generators listed and described below.

  • Home Generators: From portable generators to residential stand-by generators, AirPlus has a solution for providing emergency power to your home.
  • Commercial Generators: Protect your business from theft, insurance against loss of refrigerated goods, and safety for workplaces, schools or community buildings like churches & community buildings.
  • Industrial Generators: Keep production running!

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How does a Generac home backup generator work?

Generac home backup generators from AirPlus have a simple, intuitive design that enables them to function whether you are at home or traveling. There is no need to turn the generator on or off, which eliminates hassle and worry for homeowners. Here is a look at how Generac generators work when an outage occurs:

  • Step One: Detection. The generator detects a loss of power within seconds of your power outage.
  • Step Two: Operation. Upon sensing a loss of power, the generator immediately begins to generate electricity for your home.
  • Step Three: Restoration. When your power is restored, the generator will sense this and automatically case operation.

As a Generac customer, you also have access to around the clock support. If you have any specific questions about your generator's operation, or if you need to replace any parts or accessories for your generator, you can simply reach out by phone or email to AirPlus.

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How much generator wattage do you need to run a house?

The amount of generator wattage you will need to run an entire house will vary according to two key factors: your home's size and the number of appliances that you have in your home. Generally speaking, the wattage needed to run a whole house will increase along with your home's square footage and the total number of appliances that you have in your home. 

To illustrate the correlation above, it is helpful to consider a couple of examples. If you live in a home that is under 1,500 square feet with central air and standard appliances (a refrigerator, a washer/dryer, a sump pump, and a dishwasher), a 16 Kilowatt generator should suffice. On the other hand, a 5,000 square foot home with the same appliances plus a pool and a hot tub will require a 22 Kilowatt generator. 

The most accurate way to determine how much wattage is needed is to seek the expertise of a generator expert. AirPlus has trained specialists that will obtain your home's square footage and help you recommend a generator model with sufficient wattage to support your home's unique power needs.

Does a whole house generator increase home value?

"Installing a generator "legally" can increase the resale value of your home. Consumer Reports states that in some cases, your home value can increase by 3 to 5%...Remodeling Magazine indicated that installing a standby generator can provide up to a 150% return on your investment. Meaning, if you spent $12,000 on installing a generator, your home value may increase up to $18,000." - Lana Seidman - NARI-HIC of Staten Island, Inc.

Installing a whole house generator is a proven way to increase your home's value by up to 5%. In fact, installing a whole house generator offers a greater return on your investment than either remodeling your kitchen or adding a bathroom. 

If you are considering adding a whole house generator but are worried that you may not be able to afford the cost, simply ask AIrPlus about our special financing for generators. Depending on the model you are considering, you could be eligible for special financing plans that feature monthly payments as low as $24 USD.

Why invest in a Generac Generator?

Generac Generators offer an impressive combination of quality craftsmanship and innovative features. In addition to possessing a unique intuitive design, Generac Generators offer a host of benefits that competing models are unable to match. Here are just a few reasons why Generac is the world's leading provider of whole house generators:

  • Decades of experience: Generac has been a leader in the generator industry since 1959, serving customers on six continents.
  • American manufacturing: All Generac Generators are manufactured and assembled in the United States to ensure quality construction.
  • 24/7 support: Generac offers an unparalleled level of customer support, offering customers 24/7 access to trained representatives.
  • Robust warranties: Customers receive an extended warranty of up to ten years on certain Generac products.
  • A strong global presence: The Generac name is well-known internationally with distributors and local agents scattered across the globe.
  • Superb durability: Generac uses the highest quality materials, enabling their generators to withstand long-term exposure to the elements.

Generac Generators are also known for their bright multi-lingual displays, which allow customers to easily monitor their generator battery status and maintenance intervals. Users can simply check their LCD display to ensure that their generator is kept in perfect working order.  

How much does it cost to have a Generac Generator installed?

A good rule of thumb is to plan on at least $2,000 for a routine Generac generator installation, excluding taxes and permits. It is important to note that the cost to install a generator will fluctuate according to your property and the materials needed to install a natural gas or LP fuel source. And because no two homes are exactly alike in terms of location, size, and property placement, you may end up paying a different amount. 

The best way to determine installation costs is to contact us to schedule our complimentary in-home assessment. During an in-home assessment, an installation specialist will survey your property and power needs. Additionally, the specialist will identify one or more locations on your property where a generator could be placed and note any special materials needed for your installation. You will then receive a written quotation that outlines your estimated installation cost. 

How Much Is A Generac Home Generator or Standby Generator In Northern Virginia?

Rates below are estimates at time of writing and may change at any time.


Generac Gp 6500E Model 5941
  • Includes Portable Generac generator available in 6.5 - 10 KW
  • Runs on gasoline or diesel fuel (your choice)
  • Installation includes manual transfer switch
  • Provides power for 8-10 circuits
  • Perfect for small appliances & lighting
  • Affordable protection for critical circuits

Generac Portable Generator Kit Pricing:

Starting at $3,890 or Installed


Generac Home Generator Guardian
  • Installed Generac 7.5 - 22 KW Standby generator
  • Installation Includes:
    • Automatic transfer switch & 20' Gas Line
    • Concrete Generator Pad
  • Runs on your existing natural gas or propane home service
  • Choose up to 16 most critical 120v circuits
  • Perfect for small- to medium-sized homes

Generac Partial Home Standby Generator Pricing:

Starting at $8,741 Installed


Generac Home Generator Guardian

Installation Includes:

  • Installed Generac 22 KW standby generator
  • Automatic transfer switch to power single existing circuit panel
  • Concrete generator pad, 3" thick
  • Up to 25' gas line
  • Runs on your existing natural gas or propane home service
  • Capable of powering one air conditioning system and most essential 120v
    home circuits
  • Perfect for all homes up to 3,500 square feet

Generac Whole House Standby Generator Pricing:

Starting at $14,380 Installed


Protector C 2 Qs Gas Left
  • Installed Generac 25-48 KW standby generator
  • Automatic transfer switch to power single existing circuit panel
  • Concrete Generator Pad, 4" thick
  • Up to 25' gas line
  • Runs on your existing natural gas or propane home service
  • Capable of powering your whole house, including up to two air conditioning systems or one heat pump and all 120v home circuits
  • Perfect for large homes (up to 6,000 sq ft) with close neighbors
  • Generac Quiet Series runs at only 1,800 RPM's: Peace of Mind, Peace & Quiet!

Generac Quiet Series, Liquid Cooled, Whole House Standby Generator Pricing:

Starting at $24,395 Installed

What should you do today if you are interested in a Generac Generator?

As outlined above, Generac Generators offer an extensive array of benefits to homeowners and business owners. If you live in an area like Northern VA that is prone to power outages, or if you simply want to increase your home's resale value, the best thing to do is to install a Generac generator.

Generator Installation Near Me

To learn more about how you can keep your family safe & comfortable through any storm or emergency, we invite you to contact us at AirPlus Heating, Cooling & Electrical today. Our team of generator experts can answer any question about selecting the perfect Generac generator to meet you needs.

Finally, AirPlus offers 5% discount to cash customers & financing with approved credit.

Choosing a Standby Generator Installation Contractor In Northern Virginia?

If you need a generator installation company in Northern Virginia here are a few things to consider:

  • Trained & Certified Generator Installer - AirPlus Heating, Cooling & Electrical technicians are certified electricians and trained on installing, maintaining & repairing the full line of Generac Generators as well as other popular brands like Honda Generators, Ryobi Generators, Champion Generators & Briggs & Stratton Generators.
  • Generator Maintenance & Repair - AirPlus Heating, Cooling & Electrical specializes in generator maintenance & repair on all makes & models of portable generators, home generators & commercial generators. AirPlus also offers maintenance contracts on home generators to keep them ready & running when you need them.
  • Commercial Generators: AirPlus Heating, Cooling & Electrical can handle all sizes of generators, from portable generators & standby generators for home up to large commercial generators.

AirPlus Is One Of The Best Generator Repair Companies In Northern Virginia.

From 6.5kw all the way up to 100kw. AirPlus Heating, Cooling & Electrical can install, retrofit or upgrade your power generation to fit every need. We also have in-house generator service technicians to make sure your generator stays ready when you need it. AirPlus Heating, Cooling & Electrical also offers service contracts on all installed Generac Generators & Cummins Generators.

A home generator is a great investment to protect your home and keep your family comfortable & safe. Like anything mechanical it needs regular maintenance to keep it up and running and to provide years of worry-free back-up power. AirPlus offers maintenance agreements on all home generators. 

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