Have Your Company’s Boilers Checked Before Winter Arrives

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How long has it been since a professionally trained technician came to your facilities and inspected the boilers, performing maintenance and taking care of any needed repairs? If you cannot remember the last time you arranged for this type of service, you should arrange for a boilers inspection as soon as possible and then update your calendar for next year so you don’t forget again. As winter approaches, companies in the greater Northern Virginia area don’t want to be surprised by boilers that are losing efficiency and cannot easily keep up with heating requirements.

Boilers work with heat under pressure and must be approached with caution. They require regular inspections to ensure everything is in proper working order, with a professional working from a checklist and performing maintenance and cleaning as needed.

Although boilers are fairly simple components, they will gradually perform less efficiently with the passage of time. A technician needs to examine a boiler’s combustion chamber, checking for built-up soot. Boilers naturally accumulate soot during normal operation. Soot works as an insulator, so when it builds up, the boilers will not be able to heat your building as easily.

When an inspector comes to check the boilers, he or she will make a thorough inspection. If you lack prior inspection records, your technician can set up a log to keep track of all cleaning and maintenance work for boilers going forward.

During inspection, the HVAC professional will make sure the boiler room is free of dirt and debris and that the ventilation is clear. Particular attention will also be paid to such details as the color and height of the flame, with the technician removing the pilot assembly to clean it and make any needed adjustments on all boilers in the facility. It’s also crucial to inspect the safety relief valves of boilers, as well as check and install replacement gaskets. Mechanical equipment such as fans will also be checked out and lubricated during any service call for boilers.

With so many parts and details to keep track of to ensure your boilers are working safely and efficiently, you don’t want to neglect regular inspections. Failure to maintain boilers results in higher fuel costs because the equipment will run less efficiently, so you can easily make a business case to have your system checked out on an annual basis.

At AirPlus, our team of friendly, licensed HVAC professionals is devoted to keeping local businesses comfortably warm and toasty during the bitter winter months by seeing to their equipment with regular service calls. If your company relies on boilers for heating the building, you do not want this equipment to go more than a year in between inspections, cleaning and maintenance. For more information on our boiler installation, cleaning, inspection, maintenance and repair services or to set up an appointment, please contact the heating experts at AirPlus today.

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