Do I Need Spring Maintenance On My Air Conditioner in 2022?


Do I Need Spring Maintenance On My AC System in 2022?

What Is The Importance Of Spring AC Maintenance?

Spring maintenance is very important. So you've been running and heating all winter long. Your furnace has been chugging along now. It's time for your air conditioner to go to work. So during our spring maintenance, we wanna make sure that your refrigerant levels are, are, are where they're supposed to be refrigerant. And an air conditioning system is just like antifreeze in a car engine. If you start running at low, you start overheating the engine and you're gonna have premature failures.

Air Conditioner Repair Can Be Costly - Maintain Your System!

Doing maintenance on your air conditioner is very important. We also want to clear the drains they've been sitting there all, all winter long and the stuff that was in them gets dried out quite frequently in the springtime. When you start turning on air conditioners, we get a spike in calls for condensate leaks for water all over the basement.

What Does Spring HVAC Maintenance Typically Cost?

Spring maintenance ranges anywhere from $79 to $99, depending on the system. It's a drop in the bucket. It's a mechanical piece of equipment and it has to be maintained if you want to get the life out of it, it's like just like an automobile.

What Can Happen If I Don't Maintain My Air Conditioner?

Well, you know, if things start going out of manufacturer specifications, right? Just like on a car, you don't change the oil. You're gonna have premature breakdowns. Mm that's. That's a given and it will happen.

Does AirPlus Offer Spring Air Conditioner Tune-Ups?

Yes, we offer maintenance plans so that you get your spring maintenance done and your fall maintenance done. So we're coming out twice a year and we're, we're checking your air conditioning system in the summer, in the springtime, right? And we're gonna check your furnace in the fall time, uh, on the furnace, we're gonna do a combustion analysis, everything. We touched that gas. We, we do a combustion analysis on because we wanna make sure that the products and combustion are making it outside of the home, where they're supposed to be and not backing up in the home where it's gonna cause damage to pets and family. And, you know, we don't want anybody getting, getting carbon knocks on a for

When Is The Best Time to Schedule An Air Conditioner Inspection?

Springtime is ideal because we want to get in there and clear those condensate grains. Um, and, and then in the fall, you know, before it starts getting cold, you, you know, we like to get in there and test the furnace and make sure that there's not gonna be any issues, um, before it's really cold and you have a part fail and then you're with no heat. Right. So,

Indoor Air Quality

Spring is also a great time to talk to your AirPlus service tech about ways to improve your indoor air quality with:

  • Indoor Air Quality Analysis
  • Enhanced Air Filtration
  • Air Purification With UV
  • Humidification & Dehumidification
  • Duct Cleaning

How Do You Schedule An HVAC System Inspection?

You go on our website, um, and you can schedule an appointment right there. There's a, there's a schedule now button, um, that will, that will schedule your appointment right there.

What If I Need A New Air Conditioner System?

AirPlus is a Premiere Lennox Dealer offering a great array of options to replace your air conditioner including the highest efficiency air conditioner on the planet!

Schedule a free estimate on a new air conditioner or an HVAC System Inspection wow with AirPlus!

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