How much does a Trane Gas Furnace cost in Springfield, VA?

Trane Gas Furnace

What factors that affect how much you’ll pay for a Trane Gas Furnace in Alexandria, Burke, Springfield, or anywhere in Northern Virginia?

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How much does a Trane gas furnace cost in Northern Virginia? This seems like a simple question however there are a few factors that must be considered before this question can be answered.

What is the efficiency of your current furnace?

First, how efficient is your current furnace? This is most easily determined by looking at the material your flue pipe or (exhaust pipe) is made of.

If the pipe or pipes coming off of your furnace are made of PVC or (plastic) you have a 90% “or better” efficient furnace.

If the flue pipe or exhaust pipe coming off of your furnace is made of metal you have a 70% to 80% efficient furnace.

What is the BTU Rating of your current furnace?

Second, what size furnace do you have?

This information can be found on the data tag of the furnace which is usually located in the burner compartment.The data tag contains information such as model #, serial #, BTUH input, BTUH output and blower size.

What type of exhaust system soes your current furnace use?

Third, if your furnace has a metal flue pipe coming off of it does it run up through the roof or does it run over to a masonry chimney?

Once all of this information is gathered pricing for a new furnace with typical installation costs can be determined.

How much does a Trane Gas Furnace cost in Northern Virginia? (estimated prices)

Cost of a Trane Gas Furnace (80% efficient)

60,000 BTUH gas furnace installation, $2,500

80,000 BTUH gas furnace installation, $2,525

100,000 BTUH gas furnace installation, $2,625

120,000 BTUH gas furnace installation, $2,675

Cost of a Trane Gas Furnace (90% efficient)

60,000 BTUH gas furnace installation, $3,630

80,000 BTUH gas furnace installation $3,720

100,000 BTUH gas furnace installation $3,915

120,000 BTUH gas furnace installation $4,100

This pricing should be used as a guide only. A professional HVAC technician, from a Trane Comfort Specialist Dealer like AirPlus Heating & Cooling, should be called out to look at your project as no two installations are the same.

It is not uncommon to find furnaces to be oversized in older homes.Bigger is not always better, this usually ends up costing more up front and wastes energy. To ensure you are putting in the proper size furnace a heat load on the structure should be completed.

AirPlus heating & cooling is a Trane Comfort Specialist serving all of Northern Virginia.

Trane Comfort Specialist LogoWhen you are ready to buy your new Trane furnace make sure that you contract with a Trane Comfort Specialist like AirPlus. You’ll get 100% Performance Guarantee on your new Trane gas furnace, Trane Heat Pump or complete Trane Air Conditioning System. Northern VA customers have relied on AirPlus as their Trane Comfort Specialist for 10 years. All AirPlus technicians are thoroughly trained on all Trane AC  and heating products and can be relied on to install your new Trane Gas Furnace properly the first time providing you and your family with years of comfort in your home. Find information like “How much does a Trane Gas Furnace cost” and much more here on our website, AirPlus.

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