Should You Repair or Replace A Broken HVAC System?

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Your  HVAC System has been causing you problems for a couple of seasons and now isn’t working.  How old is it? Can it be fixed? Is it time to invest thousands in a complete system?  Can you repair just the AC, furnace or heat pump unit? Your heating & air contractor tells you your system is in need of an expensive repair or complete system replacement. Will the repair REALLY fix the problem? Is a new heating & cooling system the BEST solution? Sometimes getting a second opinion is exactly what we need to feel confident when making costly, important decisions. We have gathered a list of the top 5 reasons Northern VA homeowners seek second opinions for their HVAC woes and tips on how to make a well-informed decision on which contractor may be best for you!

Getting a second opinion can help you make a good decision on whether to repair or replace a broken HVAC system.

Top 5 Reasons Northern VA Homeowners Seek Second Opinions for Their Broken HVAC System

1.  Your Contractor Is Not Credentialed – When making costly decisions regarding your home, you shouldn’t have to worry about the quality of work or reputation of your HVAC contractor. You should be able to verify that your contractor is licensed, bonded and insured, as well as NATE certified.

2.  Your Contractor Says Your Quote Is Only Good For That Day – Deals of the day are great, they just shouldn’t apply to your HVAC system repair or replacement quote! A repair or replacement estimate should be based on non-fluctuating costs. Manufacturers do occasionally offer time-sensitive deals but these should be verifiable via their website.

3. Your Current System Is Working Properly – Parts wear, tear and legitimately need to be switched out. Replacing wearing parts before they fail is always a fantastic way to thwart a higher cost repair down the road, however, replacement parts should be relatively inexpensive. If your system seems to be working well your technician should be able to logically explain why a part needs to be switched out or why they feel your home needs a new system altogether.

4.  Your Repair or Replace A Broken HVAC System Quote Seems High – Let’s be honest, money matters! If you are left in shock by the numbers you receive on a quote, perhaps a fresh set of eyes on the problem can help.

5.  You Feel Uneasy – Sometimes we just get that feeling. The technician didn’t seem knowledgeable. The quote seems outrageous. You’re unimpressed with the service you received. No matter your reason, if your gut tells you to get a second opinion, go for it!

NATE Certified Virginia HVAC Contractor

You should never use HVAC contractors that are not certified & licensed.

How Do You Find a Reputable HVAC Contractor in Northern Virginia to Repair or Replace A Broken HVAC System?

Whether you are looking for an HVAC contractor for the first time or are seeking a reputable company to provide you with a second opinion, you will want to use a well-credentialed and reputable company.

  • Read Reviews Does your contractor have a website, Facebook or Yelp account? Is the company listed on HomeAdvisor, BBB (the Better Business Bureau) or another site you trust for consumer reviews and advice? Do some homework up front to narrow down your search for the best HVAC contractor for your home.
  • Are They Certified? – NATE certified technicians typically are more knowledgeable and are properly trained. NATE stands for North American Technician Excellence and is an independent organization that certifies installation or service technicians with a knowledge-based test regarding heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration. Your contractor’s technicians should also be EPA certified. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established mandatory protocols when performing maintenance, service, repair, or disposal of an appliance that contains refrigerant chemicals.
  • Are They Licensed? – Quality HVAC contractors should hold a valid license from the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation.  Confirm that your contractor is licensed.
  • Are They Insured? – Is your contractor insured against property damage and liability in the event of an accident? Good contractors should not hesitate in showing you their certificate of insurance when asked for it.
  • Are They Transparent? – Are you able to receive up-front pricing? Also, a project should never require 100% payment-in-full prior to the service being provided.

What makes AirPlus Heating and Cooling a reputable Northern Virginia HVAC company?

Great Questions For Your HVAC Contractor:

  • Why does this part need to be replaced?
  • How much would a repair to my system cost versus having the whole system replaced?
  • Is the broken part covered under warranty?
  • Does your company offer a maintenance agreement and what does it cover?
  • Do I receive a discount for this repair under my maintenance agreement?
  • Does the new system quote include a warranty or maintenance agreement?
  • What are all of the options for a new system that apply to my home?
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