Ductless Air Conditioning to Keep Your Family Cool and Comfortable

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As summer approaches, you are starting to realize that time is running out if you want to install HVAC equipment to maintain a comfortable environment in your Northern Virginia home. Calls for air conditioning installation and service appointments start to increase as the mercury climbs ever higher in local thermostats. Ductless air conditioning may be a smart solution if you have an older or drafty home.

You and your family may prefer to have a central air conditioning system but find it is not an option for your current dwelling. Older homes often make it impractical to put in the ductwork required to properly deliver conditioned air to each room. A central AC system with ducts may also clash with your interior design plans, where you do not want any vents to appear.

If your dwelling cannot accommodate a standard central air conditioning system and all the ductwork that entails for cool air distribution, it’s time to consider a ductless approach instead. Many homeowners opt for a ductless system because they want reliable, cool temperatures in just the rooms they designate, with reduced operational noise and lower utility bills going forward.

You’ll Like the Look

How do you feel about the appearance of ductwork in your home? If your home is old and has no ductwork, it may be impractical to install ducts now or you simply prefer a design that does not have ducts and vents to keep each room comfortable.

Ductfree systems involve an outdoor unit that includes a compressor, condensing coil and fan. Small copper lines travel through holes in the wall to deliver refrigerant from the outside unit to indoor units. The small indoor units have fans to convey cool air into the rooms you designate.

Ductless Air Conditioning Quiet Operation

One of the chief reasons people have for going with ductless air conditioning is that it will run quieter than a conventional system that uses ductwork to distribute cooled air throughout the building.

You can expect to hear only a mild humming sound with your new HVAC setup. If the sound of traditional AC equipment is distracting during the day or keeps you awake at night, this is reason enough to go with a ductless approach.

Ductless AC Means More Control

Ductless air conditioning systems traditionally give homeowners more control. You can select which rooms get cool air and which ones can do without. A remote control unit gives you handy access to the settings so you don’t have to get up and adjust a thermostat control unit.

Efficiency Means Lower Utility Bills

Not only do you gain more control over which rooms are cooled, which lets you run the system with less energy, you can expect your bills to drop even further. This is because with no ductwork in the home, you are not losing cool air through leaks (no duct system can remain permanently free of leaks).

What’s more, you have less maintenance in your home, since you won’t need to call in a professional for periodic ductwork inspections and cleanings. (You still should have your AC equipment inspected periodically, on a schedule that you determine with your technician).

The knowledgeable technicians at AirPlus have been consulting with local homeowners in Northern Virginia about the benefits of setting up ductless air conditioning systems for many years now, making us the preferred choice for HVAC installations in the area. Central air conditioning is not always the most appropriate solution for a house, for aesthetic reasons as well as to control monthly utility costs. If you are interested in going with a ductless solution to keep your family cool and comfortable during the hot summer months, please contact the professionals at AirPlus today.

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