Heating Efficiency of a Gas Furnace vs Electric Heat

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Are you in search of a new heating system for your home in Northern Virginia? Whether it is for a brand new house that you’re in the middle of designing or building or is going to replace existing equipment, you may not be sure about whether to go with a gas-powered system or one that uses electricity. Understanding the heating efficiency of a gas furnace vs electric heat can help you make the right choice for your home when it’s time to upgrade or repair.

Consulting with heating, ventilation and air conditioning professionals is a good idea, especially if you have concerns about how efficient your new system will be. The more efficient your heating system is, the smaller your carbon footprint will be (along with a reduction in utility bills).

Read on for details about the heating efficiency of a gas furnace vs electric heat.

AirPlus Heating & Cooling can help you make the best choice for you and your home when selecting an electric or gas furnace.

Gas Furnace Efficiency & Costs

First, you should be aware that gas furnaces cost less to run because this type of fuel is currently less expensive than electricity. However, you‚’ll need to pay more upfront for gas equipment than an electric furnace. Read the blog post at the link below for more info on gas furnace costs.

How Much Does A Trane Gas Furnace Cost in Northern Virginia?

Also, if speedy heating is of major importance to you and your family, know that gas furnaces tend to heat homes faster, particularly during the coldest months. Electric furnaces may provide reliable service for twice as long as gas furnaces.

Finally, running a gas furnace can potentially expose your family to carbon monoxide, an odorless but lethal gas. You’ll need to install carbon monoxide detectors in your home just as you keep smoke alarms. Gas furnaces require regular inspections and maintenance to ensure they run safely and efficiently.

Electric Furnace Efficiency & Costs

From a budgetary standpoint, electric furnaces tend to cost less than gas furnaces but they require more money to operate. Future changes in fuel costs may change the equation somewhat, but traditionally, gas furnaces cost less to run than electric ones.

On the other hand, gas furnaces are noisier than electric furnaces, which don’t have as many moving parts. Consequently, you can expect to spend less on inspections and maintenance compared to gas models.

Making the Comparison of a Gas Furnace vs Electric Furnace

According to a report from Sensible Energy Solutions, the cost of electricity required to generate 100,000 BTU will be $2.93, while a natural gas system costs $1.10 for 100,000 BTU and a heating oil system costs $2.50 for 100,000 BTU. You can use these figures to support the claim that gas is more efficient than electricity.

Use a Smart Thermostat to Lower Heating Costs

Heating Efficiency of a Gas Furnace vs Electric Heat Smart Thermostat

An AirPlus Smart Thermostat can help you maximize the efficiency of heating your home while keeping your family comfortable during every season.

It’s prudent to add intelligent control to the mix when you’re upgrading the heating system of your home. You can program a smart thermostat to turn up the heat according to the range of temperature you set along with what time of day or day of the week it is.

You might need more heating during weekends and holidays, for example, compared to weekdays when the family is at school and work.

Keep in mind that plugging leaks in the home, adding insulation as needed and using a programmable thermostat will combine to give you lower utility bills whether you opt for a gas or electric heating solution for your home in Northern Virginia.

What have you learned about Heating Efficiency of a Gas Furnace vs Electric Heat?

The knowledge learned in the “heating efficiency of a gas furnace vs electric heat” article above will help you make the best decision for your home. ┬áIf you’re still not sure which is right for your home, ask the experts at AirPlus Heating & Cooling! Repairing, upgrading or installing a brand new heating system for your home is best accomplished when you work with licensed, bonded and professional HVAC technicians who have plenty of experience in the field. At AirPlus, we recognize that homeowners in Northern Virginia often need expert advice when it comes to selecting the best equipment to keep their family warm and cozy during the winter. For more information on electric and gas heating options for your house or to make an appointment, please contact AirPlus today.

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